Why BodyChoice is
the BEST weight
loss program

What makes the BodyChoice program
truly WORK?

  • It comes to YOU! (step by step)
  • Sequence designed for Success.
  • Multiple learning modalities (video, written lesson, audio)
  • Source of LONG-TERM motivation!
  • Everything you NEED is included!
  • Affordable - 100 sessions with a trainer would cost you
    more than $3,000!

"Ann went from
215 to 129!
Hear her interview:"
100 Training Session
Success Sequence!
  • Days 1-16: Daily Session
  • Days 18-76: Session every other day
  • Days 79-228: Session every third day

STEP 1(days 1-22):

Preparing for Success

  1. Weight Loss Failure is NOT your fault book
  2. "Path of Success" video
  3. My Plan for you
  4. Maximize Success
  5. The 3 mistakes that cause failure
  6. Permanent Weigh Loss can be the ONLY goal
  7. PERMANENT weight loss game plan
  8. Skills & Tools for the New path
  9. What NOT to do…yet!
  10. The Scale?
  11. The "Hurts to be wrong effect"
  12. Better than 1-to-1 coaching
  13. Barriers to learning anything
  14. How to stick with me
  15. Learning can only occur when...
  16. I want to be your imaginary friend
  17. Powerful assignment
  18. Law of Reinforcement—basics
  19. The "why-you-do-what-you-do" sequence
  20. How you GET Willpower

Step 2 (days 24-64):

Learning to Love Exercise

  1. Learning to Love Exercise
  2. Muscle is your BEST friend
  3. Why Going to a Gym is a Must
  4. You have 2 Brains!
  5. How your Brain works
  6. How do I change?
  7. Turning "shoulds" into "MUSTS"
  8. A Special Message from Dave
  9. The most powerful motivational force on the planet
  10. How to teach your brain to love exercise
  11. Cardio--the best and most effective ways
  12. Make exercise Easy!
  13. The Power of Routine
  14. Routine & Success Formula
  15. Mind Chatter
  16. Defeating Mind Chatter
  17. Don't Limit yourself
  18. I don't have time
  19. The exercise and eating trap!
  20. The Truth about Abs and fat loss
  21. Learn to Love Exercise (Summary)

Step 3 (days 66- 104):

Understanding and
changing habits, beliefs and
your subconscious mind

  1. The law of Awareness
  2. What is the power behind willpower
  3. Successful weight loss Habit Change book
  4. Subconscious beliefs—the invisible barrier to success
  5. What is intelligence?
  6. Your POWERFUL Success "Tool"
  7. The Power of your Beliefs
  8. Why most efforts at change are doomed to failure
  9. Why is getting what you want so hard?
  10. You can only see what you believe!
  11. Your most important Belief
  12. You are the Creator!
  13. Celebrate YOUR Dream come true!
  14. What you MUST have to succeed
  15. THE most important skill
  16. The Power of YOUR words

Step 4 (days 107-176):

Learn to Love Eating Healthy

  1. Learning to Love eating healthy
  2. Teaching yourself requires...
  3. Your Real Goal
  4. Trade-up to BETTER foods
  5. Choosing is easier than Resisting
  6. Help Wanted: to learn to love eating healthy
  7. Why you do what you do (eating)
  8. Fat Killing Eating made EASY!
  9. Calories & Macronutrients
  10. The Glycemic Index
  11. Stress
  12. Balancing Stress
  13. Meet the MASTERS of balancing stress
  14. Changing your Taste Preferences
  15. The Law of Reinforcement--reversed
  16. Visualization--THE tool for all change
  17. My daughter loves carrots with dirt on them!
  18. Food pleasure addiction (diet and binge)
  19. How to defeat Cravings
  20. Mastering Hunger
  21. Awesome Hunger Tool
  22. Hunger--reprogramming your subconscious
  23. Caloric Mindfulness
  24. Emotional attachment to food


  • 100’s of videos
  • 100’s of questions answered
  • Interact with Dave
  • Interact with other BodyChoice members
  • Your ONE-STOP source for PERMANENT
  • weight loss success!

Step 5 (days 179-227):

Building Emotional Mastery
and a new self-image
to lock-in your change!

  1. The Real issue
  2. Meet Dave! 100% Permanent Weight Loss solution
  3. Are overweight people lazy?
  4. The LAW of Attraction
  5. The LAW of Gratitude
  6. Spirituality vs. Religion
  7. Who am I? The big picture!
  8. Why doesn't God help me?
  9. Who am I?
  10. Guilt & Self-Hate
  11. Shutting down your internal critic
  12. UnForgiveness
  13. Feel your Feelings
  14. Mindfullness--THE greatest skill
  15. "The Pause"
  16. Your wish is my command
  17. Reading is your Golden Ticket
  18. Kindergarteners don’t have weight problems
  19. Give back to lock it in

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  1. "What is Willpower?"
  2. "The 3 mistakes that cause failure"
  3. "Don’t Limit Yourself"
  4. "The Success Formula"